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CDC-Approved Diabetes Prevention Curriculum.
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Rewarding Education

Earn credit towards Fitbit and Google devices by watching Viviana's engaging video series.

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Strategic Planning

Create a personalized plan that works for you with Daniel's guided conversations.

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Cognitive Coaching

Use psychological tools to ensure success with Dante as your cognitive coach.

Added Expert Content and Answers.
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The Big Picture

Embrace your role as the hero in this story with Dr. Pacheco's inspiring video series.

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Podcast - Coming Soon

Designed to answer all your questions while you are getting your steps in.

Bonus Content for the Best Results After Surgery
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Replacement Ready

A physical therapy course to prepare for surgery and master the recovery process.

inspiring RESULTS

What our heroes are saying.

“Before I started this program I weighed 210 pounds. I went to my primary doctor and he tested my Hemoglobin A1C and told me I was pre-diabetic. My biggest success is being able to take this journey with my family. So far I lost 25 pounds.”

Roxana - Day 57
A happy woman.

“Before the program, I was doing the ketogenic diet / low carb diet and I was not getting the results I wanted. I was confused with what I was doing, I had plateaued with my weight loss. I feel much happier, stronger, and I have been able to lose weight once again because of what I have learned.”

Sara - Day 60
A happy woman.

“Since starting I have seen a dramatic difference in a very short time. Consistency has been my biggest success along with losing 15lbs. After years of trying to budge the number on the scale it was fantastic to finally see the change. I am sleeping well and not craving sugar constantly.”

Nadine - Day 63
A happy woman.

“Losing 25 pounds in two months has been a great accomplishment. However, participating in the program with my wife has been my biggest success. We have grown closer to each other by holding each other accountable, from grocery shopping to exercising. Thank you!!.”

Alex - Day 57
A happy man.

“I have lost 10 lbs so far, with goal to lose 10lbs a month until I meet my goal. I have much more energy, less stomach bloating and sleeping better.”

Andrea - Day 40
A happy woman.

“It was an eye opener. My biggest success so far I would have to say my weight loss, I weighed over 305 pounds I am currently at 287. The surprise was how fast I started losing weight!!!”

Carlos - Day 65
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designed by doctors

We know your reality.

we know you're busy
That's why our program is available on-demand. Just promise you won't watch the videos while driving.
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Life is complex enough, right?
We have you covered, from grocery shopping templates and recipes to simple but effective low-impact fitness programs.
are you a fan of gamified rewards?
We are too! That's why we include an incentive rewards program and activity challenges. You will earn points to redeem Fitbit and Google devices.
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A smartwatch, digital scale, and mobile phone with a program.

Do you want to lose weight and prevent diabetes?
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Community Access
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Empowering Videos
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Tools and Guides

We'll guide you through the simple setup process.

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Lifestyle Coaching
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Activity Challenges
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Rewards Program

Then, you'll start on your transformation journey.

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Lose Body Fat
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Prevent Diabetes
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Better Post-Op Results

You got this - we guarantee it!

If you do not lose 5% of your body weight in the first three months, our founder Dr. Pacheco will coach you at no cost until you get there.


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Interactive experience
Engaging education
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Delivered by text
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clear medical guidance

Our signature consultation program.

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Find your answers here.

I've tried diets and exercise programs before and failed - can I do this?
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We've been there too, but this is a different approach. You will use simple, proven strategies to save you time and effort doing the wrong thing. Plus, you will have one-to-one coaching to keep you accountable and on track for success!

I have been told to avoid certain impact activities - will that be a problem?
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Not at all. This package was designed specifically for individuals who are undergoing total hip or knee replacement. Walking is our first choice and we'll guide you on how to improve your cardio without ever jogging!

I don't eat certain foods - can I still participate?
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Absolutely. Our approach focuses on core principles tailored to your preferences. The key to losing weight and preventing diabetes is translating the science into simple, actionable steps that work for you!