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Get paid to get active and prevent diabetes.







Your Internship Experience
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Get Trained

We'll set up your diabetes prevention program lifestyle coach and community training.

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Become a Nutrition Expert

After taking the Full Nutrition Masterclass taught by Dr. Pacheco, you'll be an expert.

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Take Steps to Lead by Example

You'll run activity challenges and get your steps alongside participants.

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Guide Health Transformations

We'll help you become an engagement specialist who impacts people's lives and gets paid for their success.

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Career Opportunities

You'll receive a letter of recommendation from Dr. Pacheco, and you can apply for leadership positions.


We have you covered.

no public speaking required!
Our premium videos present the education so that you can focus on coaching.
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First time coaching?
You'll receive continuous feedback, and we'll be there to assist anytime you need it from our team chatroom.
no need to reinvent the wheel
We include all the tools and resources you require so you can ensure results.
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incentives Matter
Participants earn points towards Fitbit devices as an incentive reward. Then, you get paid for participant success!
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Do you want to get paid to prevent diabetes?
Apply now for this exciting opportunity.

Selected candidates will be set up for online training.

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DPP Lifestyle Coach
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Community Training
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Full Nutrition Masterclass

Then, you'll guide health transformation journeys.

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One-To-One Coaching
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Run Activity Challenges
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Get Paid for Success

Initial 15-month commitment required.

Make an impact today!
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clear medical guidance

Our signature consultation program.

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Find your answers here.

How will I get paid?
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You'll be paid as a healthcare provider providing independent contractor services, receiving $100 per successful participant completion.

Why is there a minimum 15-month commitment?
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We anticipate three months to complete the training and participant onboarding. Then the DPP program itself is 12 months. Therefore, 15 months is the minimum anticipated timeframe to guide a cohort of 100 participants.

Can you share details about the leadership positions?
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Graduates of our internship program may apply for leadership positions. The two primary roles are overseeing new interns and creating sustainable programs.