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A rewards program following the hero's journey.







CDC-Approved Diabetes Prevention Curriculum.
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Rewarding Education

Earn credit towards Fitbit and Google devices by watching Viviana's engaging video series.

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Strategic Planning

Create a personalized plan that works for you with Daniel's guided conversations.

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Cognitive Coaching

Use psychological tools to ensure success with Dante as your cognitive coach.

Added Expert Content and Answers.
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The Extra Mile

From ketogenic diets to intermittent fasting, this podcast answers all your questions while you are getting your steps in.

Bonus Content for the Best Results After Surgery
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Replacement Ready

A physical therapy course to prepare for surgery and master the recovery process.

Designed by doctors

We know your reality.

saving money matters
The annual cost of type 2 diabetes is estimated at over $10,000 per person. That's why prevention programs are billable and reimbursable. Payers are looking for effective solutions.
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We know you're busY
We'll help you register your Diabetes Prevention Program. Then, with one link, we handle everything from onboarding and coaching to CDC reporting.
strengthen your relationship
We'll send you progress reports, success stories, and promote leaving positive reviews for your institution.
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Smartwatch devices.
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Patients earn points by watching rewarding education and participating in activity challenges. We distribute the redemption links for Fitbit and Google devices plus other surprise perks.
premium with new technology
We keep the program incredibly cost-efficient by using the latest in AI technology and automation.
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A smartwatch, digital scale, and mobile phone with a program

Do you want better outcomes for diabetics?
Let's solve this together.

We'll apply for your CDC recognition and create a one-click signup link for your specific organization.

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Lifestyle Coaching
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Rewards Program
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Activity Challenges

Then, participants start their year-long health transformation journey and we handle program delivery and logistics.

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Patient Satisfaction
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Better Post-Op Results
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Prevent Diabetes


Over $10,000 annual savings for only $837 per successful participant.

Here is a breakdown of our incentive model:

Initiation and Onboarding
$49 - Bluetooth digital scale.

$200 - Fitness device redemption and activity challenge prizes.

One-to-One Coaching
$49/month per participant.

Your patients can do this - we guarantee it!

If a participant does not lose 5% of their body weight in the first three months, Dr. Pacheco will coach them until they get there!


Even Nanas with smartphones make it look easy.

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Available in Spanish
From "Empezar" to "Enviar"
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An interactive experience
Engaging content
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Starts with one click
Delivered by text
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clear medical guidance

Our signature consultation program.

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Find your answers here.

How much should our institution bill for program participation?
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A simple CDC-approved virtual Diabetes Prevention Program reimburses $588 using CPT Code 0488T. However, these programs do not provide laboratory testing, screening, and follow-up by a licensed provider related to R73.03, diagnosis of Prediabetes. They also do not include the additional rehabilitation programs we have created. The final billable amount for the program is at the institution's discretion and should consider the cost-savings for the participant and their insurance.

Who provides the one-to-one coaching?
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We have developed an internship program that caters to individuals who are interested in becoming the next generation of healthcare providers. Part of our mission is to educate these individuals within the domains of nutrition, behavioral change, and digital media technologies.

Are you paid or sponsored by Fitbit/Google?
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Transform10's development has been self-financed by the Founder, a practicing physician who is passionate about building digital media and technology solutions. We are a Fitbit partner but receive no financial compensation from this relationship, and we pass on 100% of the savings to participants.

Are there any initial setup costs?
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There are no initial setup costs. You are helping us reach patients and fulfill our mission. That is more than enough! However, we select our partners carefully, based upon the potential impact of the relationship.